Nature Mods

1.) Breadfruit Tree Fix by Cyjon

The Breadfruit tree is a tree in the build/gardening mode area introduced in Bon Voyage. It has an error in the animation files that prevents the fire effect from disappearing even if the fire is put out so they appear to burn forever after being struck by lightning. Cyjon was unable to fix the animation error so instead just prevents the tree from ever being able to be struck by lightening in general.

2.) Bug Collection Fix by Cyjon

Fixes the EA bug that prevents sims from finishing the bug collection. Note that this bug was fixed in the FreeTime patch, but broken again in Apartment Life. You need this patch only if you have Apartment Life or Mansions & Gardens (which is based on the Apartment Life code). You do not need this fix if you are using No Bug Hunting Bees as that mod includes these changes.

3.) Fewer Leaves by Cyjon

Trees drop leaves only the first two days of fall.

4.) Fewer Lightning Fires by Cyjon

When struck by lightning, tree fire chance reduced from 30% to 5% and other object fires reduced from 15% to 5%.

5.) No Bug Hunting Bees by Cyjon

There will be no more bee attacks during bug hunting, but to compensate for the reduced downtime sims are only 75% as likely to find specimens.

6.) No Butterflies or Fireflies by Cyjon

Prevents butterflies and fireflies from spawning. This mod doesn’t eliminate the associated wants.