Negative Social Interaction Mods

1.) Apology Fury Fix by Cyjon

Apology will reduce furiousness, as it was originally supposed to.

2.) Argue Social Fix by Cyjon

Fixes reversed social values so mean sims enjoy arguments more than nice sims. Arguing always provides Social boost for instigating sim.

3.) Fewer Enemy Visits by Cyjon

Reduces the frequency of visits by furious sims. In an unmodified game, if anyone in the neighborhood is furious with anyone on a residential lot, then there is a 10% chance each hour (pre-FreeTime) or each half-hour (FreeTime or later) that the furious sim will visit to steal the paper, kick over the trashcan or otherwise create mischief. This is separate from normal walkby generation. This mod reduces those odds, depending on which one you install.

4.) Fewer Failed Socials by Cyjon

Fewer failures for autonomous social actions

5.) Fragile BFF by Cyjon

Sims who become enemies lose BFF status. This will clear BFF when sims become enemies. It won’t help sims who are already both enemies and BFFs. It looks like this was EA’s intention but their coding is strange and doesn’t appear to actually do anything to clear the BFF flag.

6.) Furious Walkby Fix by Cyjon

Fixes several problems with furious sims visits. Sims who are furious with sims in a household can visit to kick over the trashcan or otherwise be petty and vindictive. However the basic system is broken and this mod fixes several problems.
– The game looks for enemies to visit if no furious sims are found.
– Uses the correct probability for furious visits rather than using the enemy visit probability.
– Picks random furious/enemy rather than always using the first one found
– Witches will walk in rather than flying in, which is necessary for them to behave correctly.
If you use this you really should also install one of the Fewer Enemy Visit mods unless you like being visited by hordes of enemies every day.

7.) Fury Initialization Fix by Cyjon

Prevents “furious” from ultimately improving relationships between sims. In the unmodified game, when a sim becomes furious with another sim STR and LTR are temporarily lowered. The relationship is restored as fury wears off. The problem is if the relationship change is so bad it tries to push relations below -100, the sim ends up with a higher relationship when fury is over. This is most noticeable when you end up BFFs with the guy who just stole your stereo. This mod replaces Hate Burglars with a more general solution that affects all furious tokens regardless of source. Remove Hate Burglars and use this one instead.

8.) Soothing Apology by Cyjon

Apologies are three times as effective at reducing furiousness. Be sure to also get Apology Fury Fix or this mod won’t do anything.