Newspaper Mods

1.) Cancel Paper by Cyjon

After canceling actions with the newspaper, sims will put the paper down immediately rather than reading it briefly.

2.) Leave Paper Alone by Cyjon

Walkbys won’t read or steal the newspaper.

3.) No Steal Paper by Cyjon

Prevents passing enemies from stealing your newspaper. KNOWN ISSUE: Causes walkbys to sometimes run by without being greetable. This is because they try to steal the paper, are prevented, then run away with their imagined booty.

4.) Paper Count Fix by Cyjon

Kills false warnings about too many newspapers. Sometimes you get a warning about too many papers when you have only one or two lying around. That’s because you have a sim on the crapper reading an imaginary pulled-out-of-thin-air paper. This mod causes the game to count only real newspapers.

5.) Put Paper Down by Cyjon

Sims will be smarter about where to put down newspapers when finished with them. They will put it on a table rather than the floor. If the paper is outside, the sim will put it on a table inside. If the paper is inside, the sim will put it on a table in the same room. If no acceptable surface is available in the same room, the sim will put it on the floor rather than hiking to some obscure end table three floors away.