NPC Mods

The mods on this page are just a generalized list that cover a variety of NPC’s. For specific NPC Mods please click one of the pages on the previous all mods by Category page.

1.) Stay Over Hack by Boiling Oil

In an unmodded game, when one of your sims has become friends with any service sim – like the maid, the nanny or the butler – that service sim will, at the end of their working day, start asking if your sim wants them to stay over. A good enough relationship means that the NPC must be in love with one of the playables or they must be best friends w/a crush. If your playable Sim is asleep they will simply just leave.

2.) Call NPCs by Cyjon

Reverts a “fix” made in FreeTime that prevents sims from calling almost all NPCs.

3.) Downtownie Walkbys by Cyjon

Allows downtownies to walk by lots in the main neighborhood. People from the main neighborhood can walk by downtown lots so it makes no sense that downtownies don’t have the same freedom.

4.) NPC Maker Fix by Cyjon

Tweaks the NPC Maker menus to make them more functional. Updated with corrected tourist menus.
– Social Groups and Iconic Hobbyists can be made only from Townies, not from pages and pages of dead ancestor sims.
– Eliminates the ability to create Vacation Locals, since the NPC Maker does it wrong. Use Argon’s Townie Brick instead
– Re-enables tourist menus for AL and changes them to “Make Me…” (turning the selected sim into a tourist) rather than converting townies.

5.) No NPC Stay Over by Cyjon

NPCs will no longer ask to hang out after work if they are your friends