OFB Mods

1.) Auto Cash Register by Boiling Oil

Allows your Sims to make purchases automatically without the use of a cash register. Conflicts with Inge Jones’ Auto Cash Register. The differences are Boiling Oil’s mod will use the same techniques as the Simulated Sales mod listed below to prevent non-selectable sims from stocking up on unnecessary junk.

2.) Numbered Business Ranks by Boiling Oil

In Neighborhood View or anywhere else, you not only get a title like “Shoddy shop” or “Visionary Vending Venture”, but you also get the level number associated with that rank.

3.) Pass Along to Family by Boiling Oil

In addition to household members, your active sim can also Pass Along their Business Rewards to their Parents, their Siblings, or their Children, even if they live in different households.

4.) Residential Shopping by Boiling Oil

Sell food, clothing, magazine racks, and such from a home business. Changes the objects themselves and will have a custom content star next to it but their are instructions in the link on how to get around that if it bothers you.

5.) Shoppers Respect Privacy by Boiling Oil

Sometimes Sims will still pass through locked doors and enter through what’s supposed to be private areas off limit to customers. This should fix that.

6.) Simulated Sales by Boiling Oil

Prevents townies or NPC’s from collecting items they buy in their inventory from your business. Now the purchases are just simulated and will not actually have the items in their inventory should they be played or moved into a household.

7.) Basic Sell Only by Cyjon

Prevents your employees from using any sales interaction other than Basic Sell.

8.) Customer Cleanup by Cyjon

Automatically removes owner’s family members from customer list.

9.) Customers Leave After Paying by Cyjon

Customers in player-owned stores will always leave after buying something.

10.) Donate Lot by Cyjon

Adds a command to community lot deeds which allows the owners to donate the lot to the town. The owner gets no money for the action. Useful way to get rid of excess money from your wealthy and philanthropic families.

11.) Fake Townie Sales by Cyjon

Prevents townie inventories from getting cluttered with junk from your stores. When a store sells an object to a non-playable character (townies, downtownies, etc.) the object will disappear rather than being put in the townie inventory. Playable characters will receive the objects in their inventories as normal.

12.) Faster Pass Along by Cyjon

Business perks are passed on much more quickly, taking exactly 2.5 hours per perk.

13.) Faster Restocking Badge by Cyjon

Restocking badge is earned twice as fast

14.) Leave Business by Cyjon

When you close a business, your customers will frikking leave already!

15.) Less Complaining by Cyjon

Customers complain less. Customers ignore unmade beds (since the game rates them more filthy than stained and stinking toilets), toppled flamingos and gnomes, and dishes unless the dishes are stinky. They won’t complain about other customers unless the relationship is -25 or below

16.) Lot Unsticker by Cyjon

Sometimes when a sim goes to an owned community business lot, Live Mode is locked out and the player can only build or exit. The only way to rescue the lot is to sell the business. The Lot Unsticker is an object that may be able to re-activate Live Mode. This will fix only owned businesses on community lots. If you manage to get another type of lot stuck, say by making the only sim on the lot unselectable, then this mod can’t help. If you use this mod incorrectly you can make the situation worse, and even break the residential lot the owner lives on so you have to move out and sell the business. This is a very experimental mod. Don’t use it if you don’t know how to back up your neighborhood or if you aren’t comfortable messing with technical stuff. There is no guarantee it will fix your problem.

17.) More Customers by Cyjon

Smooths out the wildly random customer populations that made it nearly impossible to run profitable businesses during the night.

18.) No Quitting by Cyjon

Prevents employees from quitting just because you didn’t read their mind and realize they wanted a raise. They will complain but won’t actually quit.

19.) No Window Shopping by Cyjon

Have you ever noticed that when you are running a business, some walkbys (usually maids and other NPCs) will enter your establishment, go to some obscure window deep in the building, try to walk through the wall, and then leave? This mod kills the behavior. Non-shopping walkbys will just…walk by!