Phone Mods

1.) Phone Check Fix by Boiling Oil

With this fix, you can call all townies, downtownies, vacation tourists, service NPCs, Garden Club members and Hobby leaders, whether they have a phone or not!

2.) Phones For All by Boiling Oil

Phones for All simply pretends that all teens and older that do NOT live at the current lot, own a cell phone. So, as long as the target isn’t a child, and you know them, you can call them.

3.) Phone Makeover by Boiling Oil

Combines several mods into one.
– Prevents calling certain supernaturals time of day. IE: Calling servos & witches at any time of day or night, no calling vampires during the day.
– Gives nicer messages when a Sim isn’t home and – where possible – includes at which time it makes sense to try and reach them instead.
– Call all NPCs including the BV masseur/masseuse

4.) Night Calling by Cyjon

Allows a larger variety of sims to be called at night. Sims can call vampires, werewolves, plantsims, servos, high level good or evil witches at night without it being considered harassment. This mod makes a number of assumptions about sleeping habits. All sims sleep for 6 hours. Sims are assumed to go to sleep at midnight, with two exceptions. If a sim’s job starts between midnight and 9 am, that sim goes to bed 9 hours before the start of the shift. If a sim’s job ends between midnight and 9 am, the sim goes to bed as soon as the shift ends.

5.) No Random Calls by Cyjon

Reduces the massive spam of incoming phone calls from random idiots who keep interrupting play. They are broken up into specific packages, download as desired depending on which calls you want to eliminate.
-“Strangers” prevents people you barely know from calling just to chat. Works on both townies and downtownies.
“Contacts” stops calls from people you’ve never even met, who call just because you have a mutual friend.
“DatesOutings” puts an end to calls from people wanting these activities, both the “Dude, you seem cool, wanna go downtown?” variety and the “I had such a wonderful time last night. Let’s do it again!” variety.
“Subscriptions” drops the axe on the hordes of magazine telemarketers introduced in FreeTime. Yeah because we don’t get enough telemarketers in real life, Eaxis – we want them in our computer games as well.
None of these stop the 4 pm low relationship calls. Use Pescado’s Phone Hack for those.