Plantsim Mods

1.) Better Plantsim Drinks by Cyjon

Plantsims get more water when getting a drink from the tap.

2.) Electrocution Fix by Cyjon

Fixes motive check errors in determining death by electrocution, and correctly accounts for servo and plantsim motives. The bugged game code checked Comfort and Energy multiple times rather than also checking the other four motives drained (Hygiene, Bladder, Comfort and Fun). The sim will die if any two of these motives drop below -90. For servos & plant sims, under this fix electrocution will drain Social for these two types of sims (but not other sims), and will drain Sunshine for plantsims. These sims will die if any one of their three motives drop below -90. Note that using this mod makes the world a bit more dangerous for servos and plantsims since they had previously been immune to electrocution death due to a lack of Comfort or Energy motives (the servo Power motive is not the same as Energy).

3.) Fewer Plantsims by Cyjon

Sims heal half their insecticide damage each day, reducing the chance of turning into a plantsim. This allows sims to maintain a small garden without danger. Sims who change into a plantsim have all damage healed. This means cured sims won’t instantly change back to plantsim the first time they spray for bugs.

4.) No Plants Love Me by Cyjon

Kills the “Plants Love Me” behavior plantsims constantly engage in.

5.) Plantbaby Changes by Cyjon

Plantbabies now get only half the skills of the parent sim. They also get half badges but that was already in the base code. Nature enthusiasm will set to the predestined hobby (if you have FreeTime) and genetic personality will be set correctly. Set Nature as predestined hobby rather than maxing it out.

6.) Plantsim Cloning by Cyjon

Plantbabies will be physical clones of the parent. Ideal Plantsim is no longer involved. No twins are possible. Babies will be the same gender as the parent plantsim.

7.) Plantsim Fix by Cyjon

Fixes a bug that prevents players from getting plantsims unless they play the same lot without saving for several game days. As you may know, you become a plantsim once you have sprayed crops more than a certain number of times. The problem is that when you leave a lot, whether to go to the neighborhood or to go to a commercial lot, it doesn’t save the spray count so it resets to zero.