Playful Mods

1.) Less Bust A Move by Boiling Oil

More reasonable expectations on the Bust a Move dance interaction. This mod now:
Enabled adult & elders to dance with teens (before teens could dance w/them but not reversed)
Minimal Active Personality points are required. This sets the minimal number of active points a sim must have to be able to do this. Lazy sims (less than 3 active points) will NOT autonomously Bust-A-Move.
Minimal Outgoing Personality points are required. This sets the minimal number of Outgoing points a sim must have to be able to do this. Shy sims (less than 3 outgoing points) will NOT autonomously Bust-A-Move.
Maximum Fatness allowed. Sets how fat a sim may be and still be allowed to Bust-A-Move. Sims with their fitness in the lower one-third of the spectrum will NOT autonomously Bust-A-Move.
Maximum Age allowed. Determines at what age sims can still autonomously do this. Adults are set to default.

2.) Less Dance On Toes by Boiling Oil

Restricts the dancing on toes interactions between children and older Sims and sets requirements for them to pass in order to be able to autonomous do so.
– Will not be an option to do so if there is no stereo in room.
– If using Seasons EP or higher, Sims will won’t autonomously dance outside in Winter.
– Tuneable gender dance preferences set. The default settings allow females to autonomously dance on toes at any time, but requires males to pass at least one extra test. Minimum Music & Dance enthusiasm is set to 6, minimum Activity and Niceness are set to 5.
– Outgoing sims to dance on toes, if they make pass the minimum Outgoingness level

3.) Less Stupid Play by Boiling Oil

This mod limits some stupid autonomous Play in the following manner:
– “Red Hands” and “Rock Paper Scissors” will not be initiated by YAs, adults or elders, unless their Playfulness is 6 or higher. Also, whoever does initiate these games, will only target children or teens.
– “Show Off” will still only be initiated by children, of course, but they will NOT autonomously target anyone older than Teen.
-“Swing Around” is a bit special: children will not autonomously ask anyone older than Teen to swing them around. Anyone Teen or older may still autonomously initiate the Swing Around, but only if both Active and Playful are 6 or above, and they’re not visibly pregnant!
– Sims can still be directed to do any of these actions.

4.) No Auto Jump On Couch by Cyjon

Sims no longer autonomously jump on the couch.

5.) No Auto Pillow Fights by Cyjon

Prevents sims from starting pillow fights on their own. Player can still initiate them.