Pregnancy & Fertility Mods

1.) Plan Maternity Outfit by Boiling Oil

Allows you to set up your sim’s pregnancy wear, even while they’re not pregnant yet. Works for all game configurations with OFB or better and a Pregnancy-wear-any-outfit mod.

2.) Fertile Fertility by Cyjon

During “Try For Baby”, the pregnancy chance is rolled again for each parent who has the Super Fertility aspiration reward. This means there are as many as three chances of pregnancy for each attempt. The net chances of pregnancy (no fertile parents / 1 fertile parent / 2 fertile parents) are as follows:
Bed – 60% / 84% / 94%
Hot Tub – 25% / 44% / 59%
Other – 50% / 75% / 88
“Other” means cars, helicopters, photo booths and clothing booths. Sims still have the increased chance of twins as well.

3.) Maternity Pay Fix by Cyjon

Sims no longer get maternity pay on their days off. If a pregnant sim is not scheduled to work on a given day, she won’t get maternity pay for staying home when she wasn’t supposed to work anyhow. If the sim is scheduled to work, and you use “Walk To Work”, which is the only way to get a pregnant sim to work, the sim will not get double pay (vacation pay plus normal work pay). However the sim WILL lose a day of vacation (unpaid) since she is waiving her maternity leave by going to work. This all applies to pregnant men as well.

4.) Pregnant Yoga by Cyjon

Pregnant sims can do yoga.