Relationship Mods

1.) Less Jealousy by Cyjon

Changes the rules for jealousy.
1.) Dates: Sims on dates will always become jealous regardless of relationship. If you go on a blind date and the other person spends the evening flirting with the waiter, it’s probably not going to go well.
2.) Threesomes: No jealousy even if everyone involved is in love.
3.) Commitment: Other than the situations above, Sims will feel jealousy only if they are going steady, engaged or married.

2.) Less Naked Freakout by Cyjon

Sims will no longer freak out when seeing their lovers naked. The mod specifically looks at sims who are in love. Ideally it would instead look for woohoo memories, but that’s more complicated and ultimately not really worth it.

3.) More No Dancing In Silence by Cyjon

Sims can’t slow dance or classic dance unless there is a stereo present. Also fixes the bug that prevented elders and adults from classic dancing with each other.

4.) Stop Kissing Me by Cyjon

Sims will no longer kiss when greeting or saying goodbye unless the relationship is crush or love.