Serving Meals Mods

1.) No Fresh Food by Boiling Oil

This mod kills the Fresh Food bonus on ALL foods containing fresh ingredients. Previously prepared food will immediately lose their bonus, and newly prepared food never gets the bonus. Away with those sparklies!

2.) Call To Meal Fix by Cyjon

Call to Meal no longer calls servos, plantsims, babies, toddlers or on-the-job NPCs. People will respond to plates anywhere on the property, not just in the same room as the platter.

3.) Commercial Buffets by Cyjon

Buffets work as in the unmodified game. It costs money to open the buffet, but after that plates of food are taken for free. The buffet can be opened for free, but each plate of food taken costs money: $30 for turkey, $15 for gelatin or salad. This mod affects both the buffet in the base game, and the one which came with the Celebrations! stuff pack. Custom buffets will not be affected.

4.) More Dishes by Cyjon

Sims pick up more dishes when clearing the table. EA logic – A serving consists of 7 dishes (6 plates plus the platter) so let’s limit the number of dishes when cleaning up to 5. Cyjon logic – Let’s increase the limit to equal the number of dishes that are likely to be present. That way players don’t have to issue the command twice.

5.) No Chair Shooing by Cyjon

This mod lowers the priority of the “move” command directed at sims blocking chairs from being scooted out. The move command will now clear autonomous actions but not mess with user-directed commands. Among other things, this allows sims to “wait for food” without messing up meal service.

6.) No Influence Instant Meals by Cyjon

When you influence a sim to make a meal, the target will actually make something and not just pull out instant meals.

7.) No Table Platters by Cyjon

Sims no longer put serving platters on eating surfaces such as dining tables or counter islands.

8.) Smarter Food Serving by Cyjon

Sims will be more logical when deciding how many servings to lay out on the table. Served meals still have the normal 6 servings, but individual plates will not be put out for:
– Sims at work or otherwise off the property
– Penguins
– NPC’s like the Maid, Gardener or Butler while they are working
– Sleeping Sims
– Servos & other robots
– Plant Sims
– Ungreeted Guests
– Babies
– Ghosts