Sleep Mods

1.) Bad Floor Sleeping by Cyjon

Sims who voluntarily sleep on the floor will have the same motive changes as sims who pass out. This means no comfort increase, slower energy increase and earlier waking.

2.) Floor Sleep Fix by Cyjon

Fixes a bug which causes sims passed out on the floor to sometimes stop gaining energy. If you save a lot with sims passed out on the floor, when you reload the lot the game doesn’t bother restoring the energy increase. This means those sims will sleep until motive failure wakes them. This mod restores the correct energy increase for floor sleeping. This fix is especially important for those of you running an Asylum Challenge since without it your uncontrollable sims have a much higher chance of waking near starvation. The mod affects only sims who pass out from energy failure, not those who use the “Sleep On Floor” interaction available in frats.

3.) Food Nap Fix by Cyjon

Fixes a bug which causes sims who fall asleep in their food to sleep until motive failure. EA never bothered adding an energy check to allow food nappers to wake up. This mod wakes the sim at the same energy level as passing out on the floor.

4.) Late Sleepover by Cyjon

Sims can ask other sims to stay the night even if it’s after midnight

5.) Less Napping by Cyjon

Autonomous napping allowed only if energy critically low.

6.) Less Servo Sleeping by Cyjon

Drastically lowers the sleep threshold so that servos are far less likely to sleep after woohoo.

7.) More Floor Sleeping by Cyjon

Allows sims to choose “Sleep On Floor” in any livable lot: residential, dorms, frats and apartments.

8.) More Sleep by Cyjon

Players can direct sims to sleep at night, even if the sim is not tired.

9.) No Fake Sleepover Whining by Cyjon

Fixes AL bug which causes visiting sims to whine about being invited to sleep over when they weren’t.

10.) Stay Means Stay by Cyjon

“Say Goodbye To…/Everyone” no longer chases off Bon Voyage house guests or sims who have been asked to sleep over.