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Willow Ln 21

Willow Ln 21 is an occupied lot with the Jackman Household of Adam & Eve Jackman

Lot Worth: $31,194
Bedrooms: 2
Bathroom: 2

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The Wouters

The Wouters sisters haven’t had much success in life and are hoping for a new start in Meadow Lawns rather than a lack-lustre ending. Adelheid would like to be mayor and loves parties – she’s enjoying meeting lots of new people in Meadow Lawns. Birgitta is shy and doesn’t get out much. She really wanted children and thinks about adopting to Adelheid’s dismay. “We’re too old for all that!”

– The Wouter Sisters via Willow Ln 14
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The Batty Household

This gnome stealing, bad tempered old bag is alone in the world and badly in need of a cat or two. She likes to learn things, but she has frittered away her life as an adult and is never going to amount to anything now. No wonder she’s crochety. Maybe she needs to start a gnome collection…..

Barbara Batty- via Willow Ln 12
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