Teen Mods

1.) 8-Day Teens by Cyjon

Changes the teen lifespan from 15 days to 8 days. Won’t affect existing teens, only new teens.

2.) Faster Zits by Cyjon

Teens develop acne in half the time. This scales the pimple timeline to fit the shorter lifespan of 8 Day Teens

3.) No College Nagging by Cyjon

RRemoves the constant barrage of college messages that every single freaking teen has to go through.

4.) Runaway Skills by Cyjon

Runaway teens no longer get their skills randomized, potentially lowering high skill levels. Instead they slowly build skills during the time away from the house. Teens will get 1/20 of a random skill point every hour they are gone. This averages a total of 1.2 skill points per day, though it may not be immediately visible since these points are divided among multiple skills.