Toddler Mods


1.) Child Care Centers by Chris Hatch

Have the ability to send your toddlers to daycare. You do have to have to build the community lot first but with this mods you will be able to drop off your toddlers safely without having the fear of them being taken away by the social worker while your Sim goes to work or whatever else they want to do.

2.) Less Toddler Annoyance by Boiling Oil

Changes how toddlers interact based on skills.
– If a Toddler hasn’t learned to talk, they can’t ask for things like to be read to, for food or attention.
– Will not ask for a diaper change if haven’t learned how to potty train
– Hunger, Social & Hygiene all must be -20 before they start asking for that specific need.
– If a toddler is doing something other Sims will leave the baby alone unless you direct them to do so.

3.) No Auto Toddler Bathing by Boiling Oil

Nobody will autonomously bather Toddlers.

4.) Pick Another Toy by Boiling Oil

Toddlers will no longer try to play with any Peg box, Xylophone or Wobbly Wabbit Head that’s already being used by another toddler.

5.) Fewer Peekaboo Pests by Cyjon

Sims are less likely to constantly harass toddlers with peekaboo requests. Sims won’t autonomously try for peekaboo if the toddler is already doing something.

6.) Fireproof Toddlers by Cyjon

Toddlers can no longer die from fire. Although toddler cannot actually burn like older sims, they can die of fire. Babies, are supposed to be immune to fire. With this mod they are. They will happily sit among the flames waiting to be rescued.

7.) Smart Milk Fix by Cyjon

Fixes the bug where toddlers keep the learning bonus from smart milk after the milk wears off.

8.) Toddler Bath Clothes by Cyjon

Toddlers will always be put in everyday clothes after a bath.