University Classes

1.) Later Classes by Cyjon

Moves all morning university classes later in the day so no class starts before noon.

2.) No Finals Warning by Cyjon

Suppresses the “finals in 5 hours” warning.

3.) Revised Majors by Cyjon

All the university majors have been revised so that they are actually relevant to careers. This mod works fine with the existing semester system but works even better with Cyjons Semester Changes. Each major is built around the idea of a “core skill”. This is the only skill you need to study if you want to get passing grades. Other skills allow you to get better grades but are not required.

4.) Semester Changes by Cyjon

Substantially changes how the university works so it is more bearable and closer to being on the same schedule as the rest of the sims in your game. Each final now covers a year instead of a semester and these academic years are two game days long. This means the entire university experience covers only 8 days instead of 24. Finals are given at 9 am every other day (4 am for vampires).