University NPC Mods


1.) No Lecherous Drama Professors by Boiling Oil

Drama professors will no longer automatically be romance Sims

2.) Meet Professors Fix by Cyjon

Fixes bug that occasionally causes university students to meet only one or neither professor.

3.) No Alumni Walkbys by Cyjon

Prevents University NPCs (professors, cheerleaders, etc.) from continuing to walk by university housing after they’ve been moved into playable houses.

4.) No Visiting Professors by Cyjon

Prevents those creepy Art professors from stalking your dorms. Designed to work with Visitor Controller by Simbiology but can also work on it’s own

5.) Professor Schmooze Fix by Cyjon

Fixes Drama professors so they can be schmoozed for better grades just like other professors.

6.) There Can Be Only One (Professor) by Cyjon

Game will generate one rather than two professors for each major. Gender will be random.

Dorm Cooks

1.) No Late Cafeteria by Cyjon

Prevents the dorm cafeteria worker from making food after 11 pm since it will just be cleaned up the instant it is finished.