University Housing Mods

1.) Apartments In Uni by Chris Hatch

Be able to live off campus but not in your own home in a University neighborhood. Mod will spawn only other YoungAdult’s into the complex. Neighbors will attend class as they would if you lived in a dorm. If/when you move a playable sim into an apartment previously rented by an NPC then that NPC has the Apartment Neighbor token removed so she/he is free to move into a dorm or another vacant apartment later. Rent is approximately 25% of what the rent would be in any non-university neighborhood. This doesn’t enable Apartment Buildings to show in the Lot Bin at University Neighborhoods however, you’ll need either to create a new apartment or ‘plop down’ an apartment building in another sub-hood and use the changelotzoning cheat to turn the lot into a community or residential lot then move it back into the Lot Bin. Plop that down in your University, enter it and use “changelotzoning apartmentbase” to turn it back into an Apartment.

2.) Remote Dorm Doors by Boiling Oil

Be able to select a dorm door without your Sim having to physically walk to their room to claim it.

3.) Multi-Key Dorm Doors by Boiling Oil

Want multiple Sims to share a room? Or only allow certain Sims to enter your room at any time? Now you can. A single sim can have multiple keys to various rooms to either live in or visit.

4.) Communal Shower by Cyjon

Allows teens to use communal showers from University without shooing. It can be used with Bathroom Uses You but Pescado has his own age check in there so won’t allow communal showering for teens. It can be fixed with instructions in the link.

5.) No Dorm Messages by Cyjon

Suppresses the message that there isn’t enough room in the dorm.