Vacation Mods

1.) Vacation Actions Limited by Boiling Oil

This mod limits autonomous vacation actions in the following way: Vacation actions can only be done autonomously if a Sim is in the correct vacation sub-hood. The vacation locals are not restricted in this as long as they perform the actions belonging to their own sub-hood IE:
– A Mountain dweller can autonomously do the Chest Pound or Slap Dance regardless of where they are.
– An Islander can autonomously do the Hang Loose, Hula Dance, Fire Dance or sing the Sea Chanty at any place or time
– An Easterner can autonmously Bow, perform Tai Chi or tell the Dragon Tale at their leisure.

2.) Easier Local Greetings by Cyjon

Uses the Apartment Life reputation system to make Bon Voyage local greetings easier to learn. When a sim is socializing with a vacation local there is a chance the local will make the local gesture at the playable sim. It is not guaranteed and on average you’ll have to chat up 3-4 locals to get the greeting, but it’s a LOT more reliable than standing around hoping some local greets you.

3.) Fewer Tourists by Cyjon

Allows fewer or smaller tourist families. The game is hard-coded to expect 12 tourist families of 4+ members each. If it doesn’t find that, it gets annoyed and pouts by not generating tourists at all. This mod fixes that so you can have smaller tourist groups and fewer tourist families, useful if you hand craft your tourist families. Each family still needs at least one adult or elder.