Visiting Mods

1.) Less Visitor Skilling by Cyjon

Visitors are more sensible about using fun skilling items like the chessboard. Visitors use the fun check (which quits at higher motives) rather than the skill check (which quits when the sim is near motive failure) when doing fun skilling activities. Playable sims are unaffected. Visiting vampires automatically quit skilling objects once the sun comes up.

2.) No Visitor Chores by Cyjon

Prevents visitors from doing chores around your house. Doesn’t prevent you from influencing visitors to work.

3.) No Visitor Dance Bar by Cyjon

Visitors will no longer use the dance bar, either the one you can buy or the Dance career reward. Playable sims can still use these autonomously, since this is one of the few autonomous skill building actions they will do.