Weather Mods

1.) Better Lightning Rods by Cyjon

Improves the effectiveness of lightning rods and allows other items to act as lightning rods. In the core game, there is a 50% of a lightning strike hitting a lightning rod. That chance is increased by 4% per additional rod up to 70% maximum. In this version, the first rod gives 50%, the second +25%, the third +12% and so on with each one adding half the bonus of the one before. Maximum protection is 99% with 7 rods. This mod allows other objects to act as lightning rods, specifically Fun For The Roof I, Dragon On The Roof, Aspiring Spire and Ornery Rooster. They are all just as effective as the actual lightning rod object.

2.) Lightning Storm Fix by Cyjon

Fixes a bug that prevents intense lightning storms. This mod fixes a bug that prevents the storm counter from ever advancing to a point where storms can form.

3.) No Auto Snowmen by Cyjon

Prevents autonomous snowman building.