Writing Mods

1.) Cancel Diary by Cyjon

If user cancels “Write In Diary” when the sim is walking, the sim will abort immediately rather than defiantly scribbling a few lines first.

2.) Cheaper Restaurant Guides by Cyjon

Significantly reduces payout for restaurant guides. The payout is a base of 40-240 simoleons plus 40 * Cuisine enthusiasm plus 20 * Cooking skill. If the total is >400 it is considered a good guide and >700 a great guide.

3.) Old Novels by Cyjon

Restores pre-FT novel writing to FreeTime and Apartment Life.

4.) Professional Blogger by Cyjon

Sims can make money from blogging on the computer. Update to extend higher earnings to sims with secondary Wealth aspiration. Sims who have maxed out enthusiasm in a hobby will earn money during the time they blog. Sims with the Wealth aspiration, primary or secondary, earn the same rate as they do for offering financial advice ($75, $125 or $200 per hour depending on Logic skill). Non-Wealth sims earn half this amount since they don’t obsess over all the SEO details of a successfully monetized blog. This money is earned only if the sim has maximum enthusiasm in the hobby. Blogging at lower enthusiasm levels earns nothing.